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Adventure Dog



Nicknames: Jaegermeister, Jaegerflops, HopHopFlopFlop
Instagram/Facebook: @Jaegertracks / Jaeger Tracks
State: TN
Year Born: 2017
Breed: Teckel (European Wired Haired Dachshund)
Favorite Food(s): Raw wild game, eggs, Merrick Backcountry – Big Game
Favorite Treat(s): Raw wild game, Orijen dried boar
Favorite Toy(s): Rubber balls, water buffalo horn, animal hide
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the couch
Favorite Adventures To Do: Hunting, tracking, swimming, kayaking, overland adventures


Understanding what keeps your dog safe.

Our team has spent many generations in the outdoors and combined with unique experience developing military products, we have an understanding of crash dynamics that we applied to all facets of the Orion Kennel’s design.