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Born Barrett ‘Jaeger’ Vom Mountain Creek, ‘teckels’ aren’t a dog often seen in the US, but are well known in Europe as field companions. Jaeger’s hunting roots run deep, and his favorite thing to do is follow his nose. Bred for many field purposes, tracking big-game is his favorite, and in TN he’s part of the TN Blood Trailing Network, and nationally the United Blood Trackers. In the off-season, you’ll find him cooling off doing water retrieves in the lake, going kayaking, at events from the Total Archery Challenge to Overland Expo with Orion’s Brand Manager, Damon Bungard and family, with his furry wingman, @TripperAdventureDog.

Adventure Dog Name: Jaeger

Nicknames: Jaegermeister, Jaegerflops, HopHopFlopFlop
Instagram/Facebook: @Jaegertracks / Jaeger Tracks
State: TN
Year Born: 2017
Breed: Teckel (European Wired Haired Dachshund)
Favorite Food(s): Raw wild game, eggs, Merrick Backcountry – Big Game
Favorite Treat(s): Raw wild game, Orijen dried boar
Favorite Toy(s): Rubber balls, water buffalo horn, animal hide
Favorite Place to Sleep: On the couch
Favorite Adventures To Do: Hunting, tracking, swimming, kayaking, overland adventures


Reload was gifted to me from a close friend some odd years ago. Since that time he’s come a long ways and developed one of the kindest, most hard working personalities I’ve ever seen in a dog. He’s calm as a can be in the house but when he gets outside, he flips the switch and it’s game on. He’s a mama’s boy but when he here’s “Bird” he’s all mine.

Nicknames: Bubba, Shorthair, Dude, Bro, Bruh 
Instagram/Facebook: @matthew.b.davis
State: UT
Year Born: 2012
Breed: German Shorthair Pointer
Favorite Food(s): Everything and anything. Enjoys a little egg on his dog food now and then, too.
Favorite Treat(s): Anything he can get before my Lab tries to yoink it.
Favorite Toy(s): Kongs
Favorite Place to Sleep: Right in between my wife and I. He gets cold so he always makes sure to get where it’s warmest. It’s not rare to find him tucked in by my wife when I leave for the gym in the early morning. Completely spoiled.
Favorite Adventures To Do: Anything with birds and mice. He and my lab, Avery, are critter getting machines.


Born March 18 2011 on a bull ranch in Colorado and adopted by Marty & Sonia Cronin. In his 7 years of life, Hitch has traveled to more states than many adult Americans and loves to travel with is pack.

Hitch loves the outdoors, kicking out sick arial tricks when playing fetch…during the warmer seasons, he becomes a SUP pup, also enjoys kayaking and keeping ahead of the crew when mountain biking and trekking. During the winter he cannot wait for the snow to make is own path in deep pow pow! Hitch is a great mood lifter and was born to bring joy to those around him and he does just that…and he is crazy soft!

Nicknames: “Hitch Hitchy Blacknose”, “H”, “Ghostface Killa”
Instagram/Facebook: @Hitch_Hitchy / HitchHitchy 
State: OR
Year Born: 2011
Breed: Red Heeler
Favorite Food(s): Meat
Favorite Treat(s): Meat, Not veggies.. don’t try to trick him into a carrot..he will never forget it.
Favorite Toy(s): Anything that looks like a ball, RuffWear Hydroplane, Skineez. Hitch pretty much always has a toy in his mouth.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Kennel, spread out in a king size bed
Favorite Adventures To Do: Playing outside! trekking, fetching ball/frisbee for days, swimming, SUP, kayaking, anything if it’s with the wolf pack (mom & dad).


Avery is about as “Lab” as a labrador can get. She’s ALL about retrieving and has a heck of a nose. Every once and awhile she’ll find more birds that my GSP, Reload. I’ve grown up my entire life with Labs but Avery is one of a kind. Very blessed to share time in the field and at home with her.

Nicknames: Monkey, Bucket-head, Idiot, “Bring me the Damn Bird”, the list goes on.
Instagram/Facebook: @matthew.b.davis
State: UT
Year Born: 2016
Breed: Labrador
Favorite Food(s): Whatever she can get in her mouth
Favorite Treat(s): Peanut butter anything.
Favorite Toy(s): Kongs
Favorite Place to Sleep: On my legs or on my head. Depends on the night.
Favorite Adventures To Do: Hunt mice in the fields (not when we’re hunting but at home)


In Porter’s first upland bird hunting season he had almost 300 wild birds shot over him. Over the next twelve years he hunted all over the west coast for a wide variety of upland birds.  He has earned his spot on the couch, and spends his time these days napping in the sun and hunting lizards in the back yard.  Porter’s favorite trick is to steal the cube of butter off the kitchen table, and even at 14 years old will still snatch one up from time to time.

Nicknames: P-Dog
Instagram: KincaidOutdoors
State: NV
Year Born: 2004
Breed: German Shorthair Pointer
Favorite Food(s): Raw Meat, Raw Egg
Favorite Treat(s): Banana
Favorite Toy(s): Anything with a squeaker inside
Favorite Place to Sleep: At our feet on the bed.
Favorite Adventures To Do: Upland bird hunting, going fishing, swimming, catching bugs, road trips, rafting, and camping.


Willie, is the son of another of my dogs, Cash. In his prime Cash was the best bird dog I’ve ever had, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Willie. Willie started hunting wild birds when he was six months old and seemed to know what he was doing from day one. Five years later he has truly become a master of his craft. Although Willie is a hunting dog, he is also a family dog. He is very loving, is gentle with my kids, and he loves to be the first one to wake me up in the morning. Like all my dogs he is part of our family.

Nicknames: Willie Dog, W.D.
Instagram: KincaidOutdoors
State: NV
Year Born: 2013
Breed: German Shorthair Pointer
Favorite Food(s): Sardines
Favorite Treat(s): Ice Cubes
Favorite Place to Sleep: Couch
Favorite Adventures To Do: Upland Bird Hunting, Mountain Bike Rides (running), Snow Shoeing (running), Hiking (running), and Swimming.


In his prime Cash was likely my once in a lifetime hunting dog. His desire to find and point upland birds was unparalleled. It almost seemed as if he took it personally.  Now, at 13 years old he still loves to hunt, but time has obviously caught up to him. Around the house he has always been a very calm and gentle dog. He is careful when playing with my children, and enjoys sleeping with my Mother in Law every night.

Nicknames: The Dude, Cashew.
Instagram: KincaidOutdoors
State: NV
Year Born: 2006
Breed: German Shorthair Pointer
Favorite Food(s): Raw Meat
Favorite Treat(s): Cheese
Favorite Toy(s): Toy Stuffed Duck
Favorite Place to Sleep: On my Mother in Law’s Bed
Favorite Adventures To Do: Upland Bird Hunting, Swimming, Running, Car Rides.



Winslow was born in Hungary a Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund. He is a Teckel from European hunting stock, his color is called Wild Boar and his coat is magnificent. He flew to America at age 8 weeks and arrived with great ceremony. A Miniature Dachshund, says the internet, is limited to 11 pounds. Winslow defies the rules and, besides, is just too much dog for that small a container. He is fourteen pounds of muscle and wire and awesome packed into an eleven pound bag. He competes in Oktoberfest Wienerdog Races, tracks wounded game, kayaks, hikes, fetches birds and flirts at the local breweries. He is an absolute joy to be around, and his Master often wonders what he ever did to deserve him.

Nicknames: Chikinbutt
Instagram: @winslow_outdoors
State: Virginia
Year Born: 2016
Breed: Wirehaired Dachshund
Favorite Food(s): Omnivore
Favorite Treat(s): Any people food
Favorite Toy(s): A crazy ball within a ball toy a friend gave him
Favorite Place to Sleep: Couch
Favorite Adventures To Do: Exploring in the woods, going on road trips, visiting dog-friendly breweries and soaking up the attention.


Born in MA, raised in VT, transplanted to TN. Tripper has been on adventures in over 40 states, from Key West to Montana. The original Adventure Dog of the Bungard’s, now often found with his furrier wingman, Jaeger. 12-pounds of love and fury, Tripper is proof that little dogs can do it all, with style.

Nicknames: Trip, T-Dog, Peanut, Piglet
Instagram/Facebook: @TripperAdventureDog / Tripper Adventure Dog
State: TN
Year Born: 2011
Breed: Miniature Dachshund
Favorite Food(s): Eggs, Carrots. Merrick Backcountry – Big Game
Favorite Treat(s): Zuke’s Mini Naturals, Rabbit Flavor
Favorite Toy(s): Stuffed ‘Nice’ Star (not the Naughty one), Skineez, Mom
Favorite Place to Sleep: Mom, or under fleece blankets
Favorite Adventures To Do: Kayaking, SUPing, car rides, overland adventures, window hunting (there’s a cow hiding behind every hay bail). Barking at fish.