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Balancing durability with portability, safety & practicality. 

The Orion Adventure Dog line of kennels was developed with both canine and human real-world factors in mind.   We balanced durability with portability, safety and with practicality. 


Understanding what keeps your dog safe.

Our team has spent many generations in the outdoors and combined with unique experience developing military products, we have an understanding of crash dynamics that we applied to all facets of the Orion Kennel’s design.


Accessories, 4-sizes & layout to accommodate the human needs too.

Orion Kennels has spent time watching human interaction with both dog and kennel.  We’ve learned and have added sizing to fit your vehicle, MOLLE accessories compatibility, cup holders and more to our design.  


What People are Saying

“Someone’s been thinking!”

“It’s clear that Orion Kennels has spent time watching human interaction with both dog and kennel.”

“Safety first!”

“Most of what I have seen here in regards to keeping my dog safe I had never thought of “

“Holy MOLLE!”

“MOLLE accessories?! Cup holders?!  Sideways fitting for smaller cars? Wow, they thought of human needs too!”

“A new bar is set in kennels.”

“I’ve been buying boxes for years.  Something tells me we shouldn’t have.”

Introducing Orion Kennels

4 Sizes, 3 color combinations!

All common adventure dog breeds are accommodated at Orion Kennels with sizes that make it easier to keep dog safe and for humans friends to manage

Orion Kennels Features

Unique door opening system

Tuck them in, don’t slam a door in their face. Three directions, unique awning style and convenient clips for easy opening.

Handle and tie-down system

Dynamic climbing rope system for securing the kennel, ease of portability and shock absorption.

MOLLE Accessory Compatible

Add accessories like food and treat bags, water carriers, medical kits, leashes, field trial gear, camera equipment and more.

Use the Top

Cup holders, recessed center storage for loose items, centered top handle. Use the kennel as a workstation and side table in camp.

Tough Rotomolded Design

Designed and made by the outdoor experts at Jackson Kayak and Orion Coolers, Orion Kennels will be around for a lifetime of adventures.

Accessories to go

Dog pads and more that add to functionality, convenience and safety.

Pro, corporate and team program forms.

To apply for our professional, corporate and team purchase programs, please go to our applications page.